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My gracious lord! my father!
...My due from thee is this imperial crown,
Which, as immediate as thy place and blood,
Derives itself to me. Lo, here it sits,
Which God shall guard: and put the world's whole strength
Into one giant arm, it shall not force
This lineal honour from me: this from thee
Will I to mine leave, as 'tis left to me.


Harry Monmouth, called Hal by (some of) his friends, is the Prince of Wales. And what a prince he is. He helped his father the king put down rebellion; he killed his rival Harry Percy in single combat; his father is sick and dying; and so Harry is...hiding out in the Boar's Head Inn with his old thieving-and-drinking friends. After so much time in their company, who would believe him if he sobered up to be a good prince and son now?

He will, though. The moment he's king.


And now he's king. And his whole shiny new French war thing isn' isn't going so well right now.


The war turned out all right after all: conquering the north of France, marrying the French king's daughter and being named heir to the French throne, the birth of a son who will be Henry VI...dying of dysentery after yet another siege...


Harry (or Hal) is tall, agile, surprisingly good at various things when he feels like it. Icons to the contrary, he does not look exactly like Tom Hiddleston or Loki or anyone else, though if you want your character to notice a surprising resemblance that's cool. He has now been through his entire canon, and is dead.

Shakespeare is super casual about things like chronology, historical accuracy, geography, little things like that. So like, you know, what year is it? 1415? 1422? 1599? Whatever, man.

Shakespeare also skips over some of the real godawful atrocities committed by the historical Henry V during his French campaigns. Having moved Hal all the way through his canon and to his death, I feel like I have to assume that those things happened in some form in the fictional Henry's campaigns. Everything that Shakespeare's Harry threatens to do at Harfleur, but doesn't, is pretty much what really happened at Caen, for instance. Welp.


Prince Hal/King Henry V is from Shakespeare's history plays, and is in the public domain. He appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit is being made. The player is [personal profile] needsmoreresearch; PM me whenever you want!

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